Tangled Up In Blue

Directed by Haider Rashid

Drama of urban alienation and second-generation exile set in an austere yet chaotic London. The son of a world-renowned Iraqi writer struggles with his conscience and identity crisis as he plans to publish a book by exploiting his assassinated father’s fame, while wrestling with his unrequited love for his best friend.

Artistic Cast

Ian Attfield

Zoe Rigby

Falah Hashim

Ahmad Asfahani

Graham Bowe

Hamza Ahmad

Dario Molinari

Angela Peters

Chandrika Chevli

Haider Rashid

Matthew Jure

Hugo Baltazar

Festivals and Awards

Best Film – Gulf Film festival 2010
Best Film- I’ve seen film international festival 2010
Special Event- Med Film Festival 2010
Official Competition- Caro International Film Festival 2010
Official Competition- Seoul Cinema Digital Film Festival 2010
Official Selection- Dubai International Film Festival 2009
Official Entry- Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2010


Technical Cast

Written, Directed and Edited by

Haider Rashid

Based on the story by

Brad Boesen

Produced by

Haider Rashid, Erfan Rashid,
Francesco Carvelli, Patrizia Gatta

Associate Producer

Dimitre Sarkis, Rozy Sarkis
Francesco Chiaraluce

Executive Producer

Caterina Chiellino, Yasser Rashid

Director of Photography

Sandra Ortiz Valencia, Haider Rashid

Light Technician

Walter Biondi, Daniel Gibling, Richard Thomas

Art Director

Patrizia Gatta


Tom Donald


Maria Iliadou

First Assistant Director

Rachel Hannah


Neus Olle, Dario Molinari, Koutaiba Al-janabi

Assistant Camera Operator

Hugo Baltazar

Post Production by

Tarmak Films, London And Concept, Firenze


Dennis Travis

Live Sound Technician

Giuseppe Pasquinelli, Mihalis Bourzoukos

Sound Designer

Zhe Wu

Assistant Sound Designer

Susannah Lawrence


Adrian Shoomashan